A REAL solution for busy professionals, business owners, and executives suffering with chronic anxiety, stress, overwhelm, burnout and emotional struggle.

Does this sound like you?

    • Do you feel so consumed by anxiety and stress that you don’t recognise yourself anymore?
    • Do you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and lie there in dread of what the day holds?
    • Are you battling brain fog, or struggling with your memory or your ability to concentrate?
    • Do you often feel exhausted but still struggle with your sleep, repeatedly waking with worry, doubt, and overwhelm consuming your thoughts?
    • Do you find yourself swinging back and forth from anger and frustration to despair and hopelessness, but feel powerless to change it?
    • Are your relationships suffering because you’re either quick to anger, or you’re emotionally detached and withdrawn?
    • Is your health starting to suffer? Fatigue, pain, or constantly feeling rundown?

    Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything from therapy, to counselling, to medication, to meditation....

    Perhaps you’ve tried ignoring it and hoping it goes away on it’s own, only to find it keeps resurfacing or even getting worse....

    If you haven’t succeeded in overcoming these issues YET... that says nothing about you or your capabilities, and everything about the methods you’ve been using so far to fix it!

    The truth is chronic anxiety and related emotional struggles

    are UNCONSCIOUSLY learned responses. This means that you are not flawed, broken or defective. You have simply UNCONSCIOUSLY and ACCIDENTALLY learnt some patterns of thought and behaviour that are keeping you stuck.

    The good news is that you can train and condition the mind to replace these responses with new ones, leading to emotional freedom and happiness.

    The bad news is that this takes TRAINING. Which is why this approach is ONLY appropriate for people who are committed, ready to work hard on themselves, and are going to make this work their number one priority.

    However, when you combine the right training with this level of commitment, that’s what produces the types of results you’ll see in our client testimonials below.

    Imagine what it is like to...

      • Develop a profound sense of calm, inner peace, and self assurance that allows you to move through your days with ease.
      • Finally be able to have a peaceful, restful nights sleep and wake refreshed and ready for the day with energy, purpose and enthusiasm.
      • Eliminate the self doubt, and low self esteem and finally experience true self confidence and self worth that lasts.
      • Feel totally present and in the moment with the people you love, instead of feeling caught up in your head with the ongoing anxieties, stress, and struggles.
      • Be free of the brain fog and be able to think with clarity and mental agility.
      • Are your relationships suffering because you’re either quick to anger, or you’re emotionally detached and withdrawn?
      • Finally experience the happiness and joy YOU deserve!


      Working with us at Chase Life is by application only. We love what we do and want to liberate as many people as we can from chronic anxiety, depression, and emotional struggle.

      However, we need to make sure that we can help you and that our approach is going to appropriate for you.

      You must be 100% ready to make some profound changes in your life and commit to fully overcoming the roadblocks that are no longer serving you.

      If that’s you then we would love to help.

      We are offering you a free breakthrough call to speak to you personally about how you can overcome these issues.

      On the call we’ll discuss what you’re struggling with, we’ll help you uncover hidden blindspots, and we’ll get clarity on the most important next steps for you.

      And, if you want us to help you with your personal transformation, we can discuss it and see if it’s going to be a good fit for both of us.


      ABOUT US

      David Godfrey is an author, international speaker, peak performance coach, and specialist in emotional and behavioural change.

      David has over 15 years experience helping people overcome a variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction.

      In 2015, David launched Chase Life Consulting with his wife Rachel Godfrey (neé Guy).

      David now specialises in two main areas:

        • Helping people overcome chronic anxiety with Chase Life Breakthrough.
        • Helping people overcome binge eating with Chase Life Intensive.

      ... even when they’ve been struggling with these issues for years

      … and even when other therapies have failed.

      In 2017, David and Rachel moved from London to Dubai. However, distance is no problem as all services are provided online. As you’ll see from our testimonials our clients come from all over the world.



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